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Global Advantech greenchem supplies high performance industrial chemicals and sustainable, environment friendly solutions for decontamination.


Bioremediation and Biostimulants

2d generation of biostimulant products

For bioremediation of land, water and concrete to remove:
• Oils and hydrocarbons • Bitumen and coal tar residues
• Organic and halogenated solvents

For accelerating the biodegradation of organic waste to improve performance of the following processes:
• Composting • Anaerobic digestion • municipal and industrial wastewater


Chemical Products

Ultra-green range and high performance chemicals

• Industrial and commercial ultra-green cleaners, including rubber deposit and tyre mark removers, polymers cleaners for foam and automotive paints manufacturing spray guns and other machinery parts
• Specialist ultra-green cleaners including non-hazardous paint and graffiti removers (NMP-free, benzyl alcohol-free)

• VOC abatement / odour control concentrate (500:1)
• High performance multi-biocides and biocide-cleaners