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Bioremediation and Biostimulants

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PG101 industrial Soil, water and concrete bioremediation
Bioremediation agents for in situ and ex situ treatment of hydrocarbon pollution through the acceleration of natural biodegradation processes.
Treatment of contaminated land and surface water and to clean-up after oil spills.
Non-invasive bioremediation system to clean and renovate oil contaminated concrete floors and yards, oil storage tank bunds, aircraft refuelling stands, ships' bunkering facilities, etc.
oil depot bioremediation lake bioremediation Concrete bioremediation
Bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted soil Bioremediation of lake Concrete bioremediation
PG101 industrial Agroalimentary Food, farming and municipal wastes biostimulants
Composting: accelerating the biodegradation of green and food wastes.
Anaerobic digesters for sewage and food wastes : improving the production of methane and the quality of the digestate
Acceleration of rate of composting    
wastewater guide Water, wastewater and effluent treatment biostimulants
Biostimulant products to improve the performance of trickle and biological filters breaking down organic and ammoniacal material to reduce BOD and COD to  required levels prior to discharge into the environment.
Biostimulant products for air-biofilters to improve the biodegradation of organic compounds in air streams.
groundwater wastewater improvement  
Ground water treatment at oil distribution depot Municipal wastewater treatment
  Technical Datasheet available:
TDS820 Natural Biostimulant Technology
Product and safety datasheets are available upon request